ACP1Welcome to the Association for Collaborative Provision (ACP) of Higher Education in England

The purpose of ACP is to promote the collaborative working of institutions for the delivery of College Based HE / HE in FE. ACP also aims to represent the interests of collaborative provision to policy makers and to work consultatively with other bodies within the sector.

Membership of ACP is open to Higher Education Institutions involved in collaborative provision, both Universities and Colleges. More detailed information about ACP can be accessed from the menu, as can details of membership.

Membership benefits as articulated by members of the ACP Executive

Mark Stone, ACP Chair & Spokesperson, Plymouth University

“For me, ACP is a unique and invaluable forum where I can draw on a wealth of good practice and experience to help me address the challenges and complexities of delivering excellent collaborative HE”


Brendan James, Membership Development, Barking & Dagenham College


Helen Collinson, Finance Oversight and Planning, Edge Hill University

“ACP provides a unique opportunity for its members to network and share ideas with Institutions from both the HE and FE environment who are involved in the delivery of HE in FE.”


Robin Webber-Jones, Communications, Derby College

“College Based Higher Education is something very exciting to be a part of.  It provides a rich opportunity to develop the opportunities, careers and life chances of many individuals.  ACP provides an excellent platform for people to meet, develop, discuss key issues in the sector and share and collaborate on solutions to challenges.  It is very exciting to be a part of.”


Lesley Griffin, Executive Member, University of Sunderland

“As someone who is passionate about education and collaborative partnerships the ACP business meetings provide a fantastic opportunity to discuss important and current issues with fellow professionals and to hear latest updates from key stakeholders such as HEFCE.  The fact that attendance at meetings is so strong is testimony to the value of ACP membership.”

Wendy Munro, Executive Member, Staffordshire University


Parker, Lynn, retiring, being replaced by Kate Gillen, Teeside University


Denise Robinson, University of Huddersfield, retiring from ACP Executive, current vacancy


Association for Collaborative Provision of Higher Education in England