About ACP

Applicant Day 2013 *** Local Caption *** Applicants Day 2013What is ACP and what is our purpose?

ACP is a membership organisation that focuses on the work undertaken by Universities and Colleges to collaboratively facilitate the delivery of Higher Education opportunities in the UK.

Areas of interest and sector contributions for ACP include the progression of students into HE, the delivery of HE opportunities in a partnership context and the success and contribution of students that study in this environment. A significant area of work for ACP is also the rapidly changing regulatory and policy framework that concerns the operation and development of multi-institution partnerships.

As well as University and College members, ACP also has member organisations that are significantly involved in supporting this area of work.

Although ACP is focused on England, since 2014 it has been open to membership from across the UK. The digital support for ACP has been updated to facilitate the engagement of members regardless of their ability to attend ACP meetings. Membership is not open to Alternative Providers of HE.

ACP members come together to achieve two key things:

  1. To allow members to debate key issues of concern to the sector, to clarify how  challenges can best be tackled as individual institutions, and as networks, and to share best practice.
  2. To allow for the collective voice of members to feed into the development and operation of regulatory and policy frameworks that concern this area of HE delivery and practice.

The aims of ACP in more detail

ACP seeks to provide a significant and unique voice through its focus on the collaborative delivery of college-based higher education and the partnerships which exist to manage and encourage such provision.  ACP supports quality enhancement and the provision of advice to individual agencies and education institutions as to how practice can be developed. It provides an open and equal forum for member organisations of both sectors to bring forward issues which affect collaborative provision for discussion, supported by development events and related research activities and projects.

To work together to share good practice and enhancement activities in the collaborative provision of higher education between Higher Education Institutions and Further Education Colleges

The objectives of ACP are to:

(i)   advance the practice of collaborative provision between institutions in the higher and further education sectors for the delivery of college–based higher education

(ii)  represent the views of those engaged in such practice to other bodies

(iii) provide a forum to discuss the practice of collaborative HE and facilitate the above  through a forum which encourages:

  • debate
  • sharing of good practice
  • mutual support
  • impartial advice

(iv)  work consultatively with other bodies involved with the College Based HE / HE and FE sectors

(v)   to provide a clear focus on partnerships in the membership structure and in the Association’s activities

How does ACP work?

  • ACP has an Executive group, drawn from the membership 
  • ACP has a number of business meetings per year that cover current and strategic topics, to which all members are invited
  • Business meetings are supplemented by focused events, as required
  • Technology is utilised to allow for discussion and debate prior to, and following, meetings and events
  • ACP collates member feedback and contributions relating to sector bodies and debates
  • ACP produces periodic targeted publications
  • ACP as a body, or via its members, undertakes or contributes to relevant research projects and studies
  • ACP facilitates activity between members and other organisations, including collaborative working and events
  • ACP provides links to institutions and publications of specific interest to the membership


Association for Collaborative Provision of Higher Education in England